Alexandre Minets

Alexandre Minets

Postdoctoral Researcher
Hausel's group
Institute of Science and Technology Austria


From September 2021, I will be at the University of Edinburgh as a postdoctoral research associate, working with Ben Davison.

Research interests and background

My general research interests lie in the domains of representation theory, algebraic geometry and low-dimensional topology. The principal focus of my research is the study of moduli spaces associated to quivers and varieties of low dimension, their combinatorial structure, and representation-theoretic interpretation of their invariants. One running theme for me is to consider global analogues of various moduli problems coming from quiver representations.

Keywords: cohomological Hall algebras, Higgs bundles, KLR algebras, quiver varieties.

My papers and preprints are on my research page, and my CV is available here.

I completed my PhD at Université Paris-Sud in September 2018 under the guidance of Olivier Schiffmann.